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August 4, 2017

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June 28, 2018


With all the negative news about suicide, depression we believe that all the little things should be surfaced and appreciated.

Here at The Quirky Taste – aside from being “kitchen elves” to get your custom cakes ready, we are now practicing a daily #gratitudecounter.


Only a caker will understand another. Non "elves" only see the final outcome, but no one sees the slogging hours it takes to produce that masterpiece.

  • Designing – the countless hours taken to do research, carefully selecting a design to fit your celebration. All the strain on our "elf" eye......... and yes cakers do have mental block, like writers block we get…. Cakers-block (we didnt coin this term, trust us ...... ). Customising a cake design is never easy as the caking world is small and copying is a BIG NO NO!

  • The baking – the process it takes to meticulously measure and painstaking hours spent in front of the oven and not to mention the mess after.

  • Decorating – this can be broken down to pre-baking and post baking. All those tiny details you see on the cake, they don’t magically appear *now where’s the wand*, each tiny piece is cut out individually then carefully placed onto the frosted cake.

  • Finishing – Stacking the cakes, alignment and any last min correction


All of the above normally take days, but not every client sees this. We are not a big multinational company that has a FAT paycheck at the end of the month. It goes to bills, rent, utilities and only the last stays. So the next time you bargain from a caker, think again – and if its not within your budget say thank you and move on! There is no harm in declining but do take the quarter of a min to say no thank you. Common courtesy is NOT so common anymore! *Thank you*


So here is our #gratitudecounter :-