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The Journey

I would call this an accidental hobby.

While studying in U.K. I had a bunch of very (here I mean VERY) supportive housemates who ate all my baked (and underbaked) products. They always said it's ok mel it doesn't look that nice but it tastes fine (you know who you are). That time I was on a mission to create the best brownie!

I started "experimental" baking more seriously as a way to release my work stress. I found myself looking forward to going home to bake after work. That is when I played around with flavours and adapting the recipes to suit my taste and the "Baking lab" officially started.

One of the many cupcakes baked to get the right recipe

The Quirky Taste is the brainchild of my then colleague (thank you darling) and I where she is a self taught chef and me the baker! Without her support and my fiancé's help the baking wouldn't have reached the level where it is today.

First official cake baked for a paying customer

When it comes to the baking it's solely me and my fiancé always is there to perfect the cakes before it goes out. Being a perfectionist that he is - he is the best QC anyone can ask for! Together we make great looking cakes.

Recent wedding cake commissioned by us

Although this started as a hobby with only a few line of cakes - we now specialise in tiered cakes - for birthdays, weddings corporate events and special functions. Each cake is specifically made based on our clients request right from the design, taste and budget.

We would like you to think of us as your "invisible elves" working in the kitchen to bake your cakes using only premium ingredients that you would normally use to feed your family. Your well-being is our main concern and no pretentious ingredients in our inventory.

Credit: Lestony Lee Photography

Currently not only do we customise the design but we also customise the flavour for our clients. For eg: a lot of people these days are moving being more health conscious therefore we have a range of healthy cakes we suggest. Our healthy options are available upon request. We believe that your cake should not only be a work of art but should taste just as good!

As Martha Stewart puts it "A homemade, home-baked cake and handcrafted cake makes any occasion more joyful" and that's how we roll!

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