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What are the first steps I should take when ordering a wedding cake?

Congratulations on your engagement! We recommend that you contact us at least 4-8 months before your wedding to ensure availability. To begin the process, we’ll schedule a phone consultation to discuss the design details of your wedding. We love to see your Pinterest boards and inspiration images, too, so feel free to send those over prior to our phone call! After we’ve had a chance to discuss your wedding and our process, we’ll schedule a design consultation.

How do you price your cakes?

A lot of you will have that notion "But its just cake"

We say, "No, its just not a cake"

The price paid for each bespoke custom cake is a work of art and the centerpiece at any event, a birthday, a wedding or a corporate dinner. It is a major part of the day and will usually be featured in all the photos too.

So, its never just a cake! Our price will depend on the design for each custom cake designed, especially wedding cakes.

What cake flavours are available?

We have wide range of flavours ranging from your everyday flavours to our premium range. We always update our flavours so that our clients get to try a variety of new flavours. Do contact us for more details.


Each cake designed is unique to us. We always strive to ensure that each cake is customised to your theme, preference and interests.

Wedding Dessert Bar

We have expanded our services to include a wedding dessert bar for your special day. Contact us for details of our wedding package.

Do you deliver outside KL? 

We do provide delivery with a small fee within KL. We also have a team now for deliveries outside KL. 

​How to order?

We can be contacted via email (

We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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